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Thank you to everyone who has already given to support our COVID-19 response!

These amazing individuals and organizations have given generously since March 15, 2020 specifically to support our operations and additional expenses brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are eternally grateful!

If you believe your name has been left off this list by mistake, please let us know at

Evaline Boersma and William Adams

Jacqueline and Mark Adickes

Anna and John Allison

Kevin Anderholm

Maria Anderson

Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors Foundation

Karen Arnold

James Arrieta

Ascend Performance Materials

Katie and Linc Ashby

Reagan and James P. Bailey

Vidya Bala

Karen Bates

Brena Baumann-Gonzalez

Melanie and Alan Beck

Elizabeth Beck

Ben D. Beckham

Beth and Daniel Bellow

Michelle and Jason Bennett

Kathy and Rex Bennett

Ashley K. Berger

Zenobia Bivens

Kathryn and Logan Boatman

Kelly and Michael Boyd

Beverly Bradley

Rebecca Brandt

Maggie Bremer

Shelley and George Britton

Cathy and Gary Brock

Beth and Reg Brockwell

Carolyn and Henry Broesche

Jean and Angus M. Brown

The Brown Foundation

Sandra Brunow

Building New Foundations

Rochelle and Seth Bullock

Michael Burney

Jane Cabes

Reesa Calpouzos

Keely and Carl M. Carter

Karen and David Cecil

Nancy and Ken Chickering

Cathy and Joseph Cleary

Clyde Cobb

Stephanie and Ernest D. Cockrell

Janet and Ernie Cockrell

Cockrell Family Fund

The Cockrell Foundation

Elizabeth A. Cole

Amy and Chris Connell

Sarah and Samuel Cooper

Lynn and Gary Cordell

The Corrosion Resistant Alloys Fund

Sandra and Ken Cowan

Virginia Cowan

Virginia Craig

Mark Crippen

Pam Crooner

Sylvie and Gary Crum

Pam and Jonathan Crystal

Anne and Les Csorba

Ronald Cuenod

Steve Cumley

Chelsea Dal Corso

Jennifer Dawson

Gabe de la Cruz

Jane and James DeGeorge

Nisha Desai

Mary Rebecca and Cody Dick

Alexandra and Joseph Dilg

Susan and Robert Dolibois

Jerry Dollinger

Deborah Dunkum

Sharon and Steve Durio

Karey and Phillip Dye

Lauren and Christopher Dyer

Meredith and Ron Dyson

Kristin Early

Nancy and Arthur Epley

Janie and Bruce Evans

Beth and Philip Evans

April and Adam Farris

Julia and Henry Feng

Caroline and Jeremy Finkelstein

Lori and Bryan Fisher

Curtis Fisher

Lynne Liberato and James Flodine

Raquel Flores

Jared Flynn

Ellen and Thomas Ford

Christopher Foster

Nan and Robert Franklin

Claire and Joe Frazier

Katherine and Robert Frazier

Dalis and Byron Furseth

Christopher George

Eleanor and Daniel Gilbane

Jennifer and Jason Gordon

Anne and Cary Goss

Janice and Barrett Green

Charles Hackerman

Tyneshia Hall

Anne and Brett Hamilton

George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation

Robert Hansen

Martha and Maris Hansen

Jennifer and Michael Hanson

John T. Harris

Renee and John Hawkins

Nina and Edd Hendee

Mindy and Jeff Hildebrand

The Hildebrand Foundation

Mary Hobbs

Callie and David Holland

Christi and David Holligan

Laurie Horner

Beth and Richard Houston

Houston Endowment Inc.

Elizabeth Howley

Eleanor Hughes

Julia and David Humphreys

InduMar Products, Inc.

Audrey and John Jackson

Jessica Jacobe

Lori and Amir Jazaeri

Tana Jefferson

Sara and Corey Johnson

John Johnson

Kristin Johnston

George W. Kaleh

Nicole Katz

Yarmon Kennedy

Becky and Steve Kerns

Cynthia and Bill Kinney III

Debbie and Robert Knapp

David T. Kratz

Holly and Clay Krhovjak

Alex Lawson

Sarah and Bryant P. Lee

Lucy Lee

Renee Lewis

Michele Lipscomb

Robin and Jim Livesay

Presley and Paul Lumpkins

Lunch Club Outreach Ministries

Linda Mark

Katie Martin

Holly Mason

Jennifer and Mark McCollum

Susan and John Rick McConn

Devin and Ryan McCord, Jr.

Lauren McCulloch

Holly H. McDonald

Carrie and Timothy T. McInturf

Suzanne and Tim McKenzie

Anne McKinney

Barbara and John McMahon

Tanya and William Mearse

Mark Mey

Wendy and Joseph Millhouse

Allison and Michael Mitschke

Louise and Gary Moss

Moss Landscaping

Vicki Mueller

David Murphy

National Charity League – Memorial Chapter

Ginny and Ron Nixon

Marlene and Kurt Nondorf

Eloise and Andrew Novotny

Mary O'Black

Rosanne and David Oelfke

J Michelle Ogden

On Track Ministries

Opportune LLP

Tennie and David Ott

Susie and Robert M. Overbey

Linda and Phillip Pace

Virginia Palmer

Austin Parker

Thomas Parker

Kim and John Patchell

Erin and Adrian Patterson

Betty Sue and Art Peabody

Christopher P. Pearce

Mary and Larry Peterson

Katherine and Bill Phelps

Kathy and Harry Phillips

Laura and Richard Pipkin

Liz and Gregory Pipkin

Courtney and Drew Prochaska

Ruth and Emil Pulido

Richard Punches

Patricia and Alvin Ralston

Ann and William E. Reed

Karen and Dough Reifel

Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Eugenia and Richard Renaudin

Patricia and Richard Rice

Brooke and Corby Robertson

Tonja and Joel Rodriguez

Regina Rogers

Justin Rose

Sarah Sampson

Gina and Saib Saour

Cali and Arthur Schwarz, IV

Becca and Scott Schwinger

Susan Scotty

The Scurlock Foundation

Second Baptist Church

David Seeley

Kathy and Edmund Segner

Jeffrey Shaw

Virginia & L.E. Simmons Foundation

Donna Sims

Lincoln Singleton

Constance Skelton

Clinton Skipper

Marlena Smith

Anita and Gerald Smith

Lynn and Michael Smith

Eileen and Stephen Snider

Silvia Soto

Jonathan Sowyrda

Nicola Springer

Zach Springer

Mary Steen

Rita Stringer

Nealy Stuckey

Laura and Thomas Suffield

Armon Paul Taylor

Estelle Tees

Tadd Tellepsen

Elizabeth and Brad Thielemann

Stacey and Mary Thomas

Brenda and Joe Trial

Virginia and Clayton Trier

Jennifer and Wil Van Loh

Carolyn and Carol Vance

Laurie and Doug Vander Ploeg

Leslie and Mathew Verghese

Christie and George Vlahakos

Marion and Neal Wade, III

Carol Wallace

Tonja and Charlie Ward

Elizabeth and Peter Wareing

Jenny and Blake Webster

Laura and William Wheless

Carolyn Wiley

Stacy and John Wilkirson

Kimberly and Brett Williams

Anita Williams

Suzie and Larry Wilson

Cora Lynn and Bill Wilson

Mary Winn

Betsy and James Winn

Edith Wittig Van Wagemingen

Alden and Jack Womack

XS Consulting

YNasha Young

Evelyn and Fred Zierten

Jill and Bruce Zivley

Thank you again!

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