Our education system is broken.

The reasons seem endless, but the results are well-documented. Black and brown students, and students who lack financial resources, are left to languish in ill-equipped schools. Instead of creating opportunities for these talented students to thrive socially, spiritually, and professionally, this broken system often leads them to failure and extreme despair.

The fact that only 1 in 10 Black, brown, or economically disadvantaged students in Houston is expected to complete a college degree or other post-secondary educational program is nothing less than tragic.

You can be part of the solution.

While the reality of this situation is staggering, Yellowstone Schools are making a drastic difference for our inner city youth. 7 in 10 Yellowstone alumni are on track to complete a post-secondary certification or college degree. Our students are beating the odds every day. They are proof that the color of your skin or the zip code where you live does not and should not determine your outcome.

We have created the Scholars Society as a way for you to join the fight against our broken education system. When you join the society by making a gift, you stand with our scholars. Your gift creates a safe and supportive learning environment, promotes academic excellence, and encourages spiritual growth for students.

Together, we can become part of the solution and heal this broken education system. Join the Scholars Society today!

Hi, I'm Aniyah, and I'm a fifth grade scholar at Yellowstone!
The Scholars Society at Yellowstone Schools sustains the spiritual, character, and academic growth of students by providing for everything from school supplies to chapel. Give just $100,/month and receive a photo, name, and grade of a Yellowstone scholar who is impacted by your gift
Benefits of joining the scholars society

Depending on your Scholars Society giving level, you may be connected with several Yellowstone scholars throughout the year, though your gift will be pooled for maximum effectiveness to support the entire mission of Yellowstone Schools. Thank you for your generosity!

Support Student Programs

When you join, you will not only receive some motivational perks, but you will also be supporting these fantastic programs for our students!


Enhance thoughtful academic curriculum, social support services, and spiritual (Yellowstone Academy) and character development (Yellowstone College Prep) programming for Yellowstone scholars.


Give access to textbooks, school supplies, uniforms, toiletries, snacks and two hot meals a day for students.


Field trips (virtual and otherwise!) broaden our students’ horizons and make an abstract lesson come alive in the real world. Our scholars experience over 40 learning expeditions a year!


Students receive daily electives, including physical education, dance, art, music, technology, Spanish, and communications. Where many schools are cutting these programs, your support enables us to keep these electives as an essential part of

Yellowstone academics.


Help supply the materials that every student needs to learn and the tools we need to support our faculty. Your gift supports classroom resources, essential technology, textbooks, and other supplies for our students. It will also fund our faculty development program to continue to select, train, and retain exceptional teachers and specialists across all subject and grade levels.


While bus services have been suspended during the coronavirus pandemic, your support will ensure that our fleet is ready to return as soon as it is safe. In a typical year, 70% of Yellowstone students rely on transportation services to arrive on-time and ready to learn.

Join the Scholars Society at Yellowstone! 

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