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Support Yellowstone's Annual Fund

The Scholars Society at Yellowstone is a way recognize and honor the many devoted donors who support Yellowstone every year.


A gift at the $2,500 and above levels includes a student scholarship!

Benefits of Membership

  • Your student will receive a scholarship certificate honoring your gift
  • Receive a photo and a personal note from the scholar your gift supports each year
  • Invitations to a special luncheon with Yellowstone students & staff
  • Recognition on the Academy’s website and in selected publications (you can also give anonymously)

Support a Student Scholarship

$2,500 | Student Programming

Provide supplies, social support services, and spiritual (Yellowstone Academy) and character development (Yellowstone College Prep) programming for one Yellowstone scholar.

$5,000 Student Essentials

Provide supplies, social support services, and spiritual (YA) and character development (YCP) programming along with transportation and two hot meals a day for one Yellowstone scholar.

$10,000 | Student Scholarship

All of our YA families pay tuition according to what they can afford and YCP receives state-funding per student. This full student scholarship fills in the gap between what we receive and the full cost of running our comprehensive program and co-location model. 

Support Student Programs

$15,000 | Learning Expeditions

Learning expeditions help to broaden our students’ horizons and make an abstract lesson come alive in the real world. Across campus, our students experience over 40 learning expeditions a year—everything from the much-loved multi-day DC field trip to visiting “community classroom” field lessons, Houston landmarks, and businesses.

$25,000 | Enrichment Programs

Our students receive daily electives, including physical education, dance, art, music, technology, Spanish, and communications. Where many schools are cutting these programs, your support enables us to keep these electives as an essential part of our academic program.

$50,000 | Academic Programming & Faculty Support

Help provide the materials that every student needs to learn and the tools we need to support our faculty. Your gift will support classroom resources, essential technology, textbooks, and other supplies for our students. It will also fund our faculty development program, so that we can continue to select, train, and retain exceptional teachers and specialists across all subject and grade levels.

$100,000 | Transportation

Over 70% of our students rely on our transportation service to take them to and from school every day. Your support will make Yellowstone accessible to the vast majority of the students we serve.

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