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Provide a high-quality education and wrap-around student support.

Give to Yellowstone

Stock Gifts

Making a Gift of Appreciated Securities to Yellowstone

When transferring a gift of appreciated securities to Yellowstone Academy, please send through the school’s brokerage account with US Capital Advisors, NFS Account Number HSQ-017090.

  • Please contact Doug Masterson at US Capital Advisors, LLC at 713.343.0640.
  • Prior to receipt by US Capital, please notify Yellowstone by submitting this form.
  • The date that the stock is received in the Yellowstone’s DTC account [0226] is the date of the gift. 
  • The value of the stock is determined by taking the average of the high and the low on the date of receipt into the account.
  • The securities will be sold no later than the next business day following date of receipt.
  • If you have any questions about this transaction, please call Doug Masterson with US Capital Advisors at 713.343.0640 or Amy Tanner at 713.741.8000.

Thank you for your gift to Yellowstone!

Giving In-Kind Gifts to Yellowstone

In-Kind Donations are non-cash contributions and are governed by different laws than cash, check or other monetary gifts. For a full explanation, check out Topic No. 506 – Charitable Contributions on

Please contact the Advancement Team if you are planning to make an in-kind gift to Yellowstone. 


Amy Tanner, Chief Advancement Officer 

In-Kind Needs
  • ASTROBRIGHTS Copy Paper (8.5×11)
  • Composition or spiral notebooks
  • Office Supplies (sticky notes, dry erase markers, pencils)
  • Hand wipes, anti-bacterial cleaning wipes
  • Tissue (Kleenex)
  • Laundry Detergent (High Efficiency, any brand)
  • Pre-Packaged Snacks (crackers, pretzels, granola bars, etc.)
  • Target, Kroger, Walmart, Visa gift cards (for classroom supply purchases)
  • Shell gift cards (for alumni support and student transportation — especially in $25 or $50 denominations) 

Matching Gifts

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions or volunteer hours made by their employees. Some companies also match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

If your company is eligible, request a matching gift form from your employer, and send it completed and signed with your gift. We will do the rest. The impact of your gift to Yellowstone Academy may be doubled or possibly tripled!

Corporate Partners

Yellowstone is actively seeking corporate partners that would support Yellowstone through financial contributions as well as employee involvement, with volunteer opportunities to help supervise field trips, read to our younger students, help serve special lunches, and/or help with extracurricular activities such as athletics, cheer-leading, or Boy Scouts.


We believe that a combination of financial support and employee volunteer support from a corporate partner will promote the long-term objectives of Yellowstone and provide a positive “return on investment” for the company.


For more information about corporate partnership opportunities, please contact Amy Tanner at 713-741-8000 ext. 1090, or by e-mail at 

Committed to transparency.

Platinum Seal of Transparency

We’re proud to have earned a Platinum Seal to share our full and complete story with the world. To reach the highest level of transparency, we added extensive information to our Nonprofit Profile: basic information about our missions, programs, leadership, etc.; in depth financial information; qualitative information about goals, strategies, and vision, and the progress we are making toward our mission.

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Certified Transparent

Excellence in Giving recognizes Transparency when charities share more data about governance, finances, strategy, and impact than the IRS requires. Each recognized charity has submitted 175 data points about operations and performance for donors to review before making an informed giving decision.

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Thank you to everyone who gave to

Yellowstone during our 2019-2020 fiscal year!

April and Carlos Abello

ACE Scholarships

Elfie and Bill Adams

Jacqueline and Mark Adickes

Kathy and Kurt Adkins

Adroit Partners

Rohit Aggarwal

The Alan & Michelle Smith Family Fund

Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation

Victoria Aleman

Alexander Family Fund

Allan and Gloria G. King Foundation

Anna and John Allison

Kevin Anderholm

Kelvin Anderson

Sharon Anderson

Maria Anderson

Venus and Darron Anderson

Kent and Linda Anderson

Evelyn and Frank Angelle

The Anna Grace Hawkins Fund

Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation

William Armagost

James Arrieta

Ascend Cares Foundation

Ascend Performance Materials

Katie and Linc Ashby

Austin Family Charitable Fund

Avalon Advisors

Neda Axelrod

Ellen Bacarisse

Regan and Chris Bailey

Monica Baisden

Susan and Jim Baker

Vidya Bala

Bank Oklahoma Foundation

Nour Barazi

Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation

Ann and Matt Barnes

Catherine and Reed Barrett

Jeremy Bartholomew

Karen Bates

Debbie and Ozzie Bauer

Martha Baum

Brena Baumann-Gonzalez

Julie and Frank Bayouth

Brenna and James Beaver

Melanie and Alan Beck

Elizabeth and Henry Beck

Ben D. Beckham

Beth and Daniel Bellow

Kathleen and Rex Bennett

Michelle and Jason Bennett

Bennett Charitable Gift Fund

Ashley K. Berger

Pat and John Berry

Betsy and Jim Winn

Betty Sue and Art Peabody

Arlene Billings

Zenobia Bivens

The BJCH, Ltd. Fund

Amy Blakeway

Andrea and Donald Blanton

Nelia Blanton

Virginia Blanton

Elaine Block

Kathryn and Logan Boatman

BondPro, Inc.

Treva and Gary Bonner

Theresa L. Bono

Angela Bookmyer

Roxana Boroujerdi

Savanna Bowman

Kelly and Michael Boyd

BP Foundation, Inc.

Beverly Bradley

Rebecca Brandt

Maggie Bremer

Carolyn and Patrick Breslin

Anne and Will Britt

Cathy and Gary Brock

The Broesche Family Foundation

Melanie and Duane Brooks

Shelley and Doug Brough

The Brown Foundation

Jean and Angus M. Brown

Sandra Brunow

Building New Foundations

Kathryn and Cedric Burgher, II

Mary Anne and Cedric Burgher

Cathleen Holstead and Victor A. Burk

Michael Burney

Luanne Burton

Business Women in Petroleum – BIP Crude

Nancy Bynon

C. T. Bauer Foundation

Jane Cabes

Dennis Cahill

Tara Caldwell

Reesa Calpouzos

Jeremy Campbell

Robyn and Embry Canterbury

Carrie M. Horne Fund

Catherine and Stephen Carrigan

Keely and Carl M. Carter

Barbara Carter

Whitney Casas

Kathleen Casey


The CCM Fund

Joan Ceasar

The Cecil Family Fund

CFP Foundation

Janice Character

Nancy and Ken Chickering

Janet and Brad Childers

Jessica Chisholm

Christ Church Cathedral

Christ the King Presbyterian Church

Christus Foundation for Healthcare

Kay and Tom Clanton

Cathy and Joseph Cleary

Clyde Cobb

The Cockrell Family Fund

The Cockrell Foundation

Christine and Warren Cole

Pamm and Scott Coleman

Susan and Richard Colquitt

Comerica Bank

Joann and Michael Cone

Amy and Chris Connell

Jason A. Consoli

Mary Cook

Rickey Cooksey

Jordan Coombs

Ashleigh and Jordan Coombs

Sarah and Samuel Cooper

Sara and Andrew Cooper

Lynn and Gary Cordell

The Corrosion Resistant Alloys Fund

Virginia Cowan

Sandra and Ken Cowan

Virginia Craig

Summer Craig

The Crain Foundation

Dawn Creighton

Mark Crippen

Pam Crooner

Iris Cross

Kaili Crow

Sylvie and Gary Crum

Pam and Jonathan Crystal

CSD Energy Advisors

The Csorba Family Foundation Fund

Anne and Les Csorba

The Cullen Foundation

Steve Cumley

Ginger Daily

Chelsea Dal Corso

Dallas Seminary Foundation

Wendy and Michael P. Dalton

Rebecca and Clark Dalton

Karen Daniels

Lance Dardis

The David Oelfke Family Fund

The David and Christi Holligan Family Fund

The David Schwarz Family Fund

Amie Davis

Jennifer Dawson

Polly and Rock Dawson

Neva and John Dawson

Lynn and Terry L. Day

Gabe de la Cruz

Carol Dean

Claire Deaust

Jane and James DeGeorge

Nisha Desai

Elizabeth DeWitt

Erica and Mark DiBella

Mary Rebecca and Cody Dick

Docent Research Group

Susan and Bob Dolibois

Kim and Ryan Dolibois

Jerry Dollinger

Kimberly and David Dominy

Karen and Bill Donovan

Lawrence Dorr

Doug and Ka Yin Reifel Family Gift Fund

Duncan Genesis Foundation

Deborah Dunkum

Jacqueline and Fred Dunlop

David Duren

Sharon and Steve Durio

Britton and Kenny Durio

The Dye Family Fund

Karey and Phillip Dye

Lauren and Christopher Dyer

Dynasty Security Systems

Meredith and Ron Dyson

Kristin Early

Elizabeth and Alan Stein Family Fund

The Elkins Foundation

The Ellwood Foundation

Lesha and Thomas Elsenbrook

Elva J. Johnston Foundation

Lisa Entrekin

Erin and Cole Patchell Fund

Janie and Bruce Evans

Beth and Philip Evans

Patti and C. Everett

Marie and Steve Evnochides

April and Adam Farris

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Sheree Fields

Gregory Finch

Caroline and Jeremy Finkelstein

Anne Finstuen

Josephine Fish

Curtis Fisher

Lori and Bryan Fisher

Daniel R. Fisher

Lynne Liberato and James Flodine

Raquel Flores

Karen Flowers

Jared Flynn

Ellen and Thomas Ford

Phyllis and Gerald Forman

Christopher Foster

Ellie and Michael Francisco

Franklin Valve, LP

Nan and Robert Franklin

Jean and Bill Frazer

The Frazier Family Fund

Jeannie and Greg Frazier

Fred F. Caldwell Fund

Brian D. Friday

Frost Bank

Angela Fullen

Dalis and Byron Furseth

Gardeners for Hire

Debra and Harry Garison

Laura and Justin Garison

Sherrill and Kevin Garland

Alanna Gehring

Christopher George

George and JoAnn Brueggeman, Jr. Fund

George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation

Karen and Barney Giesen

Eleanor and Daniel Gilbane

Virginia Gissel

Carolyn Givens

Meagan Glover

Casey Gorder

Jennifer and Jason Gordon

Anne and Cary Goss

Jennifer and Richard Gould

Rachel Gourdin

Bert Graham

Franny and Jim Gray

Trish and Gary Greaser

Greater Houston Community Foundation

Ted Green

Janice and Barrett Green

Greg and Liz Pipkin Family Fund

Twila Grooms

James and Paulette Guion

Marilyn Guion

Charles Hackerman

Ronald Hale Jr.


Tyneshia Hall

Pamela and Larry Hall

Beverly Haltom

The Hamill Foundation

Anne and Brett Hamilton

Dedrah and Michael Hanagan

Robert Hansen

Kimberly Hansen

Martha and Maris Hansen

Jennifer and Michael Hanson

Nicholas Hardy

Harper & Pearson

Harris Donor Family Fund

Pam and Tom Harris

Kristen and Peter Hatton

Hawk Family Fund

Hawkins Family Foundation

Oneeka Hayden

Teri Hebert

Catherine and Will Hedges

Nina and Edd Hendee

Mary Henderson

Henry and Laurence Bragg Fund

Hess Corporation

Higginbotham Insurance Agency

Gayle and Richard Hightower

Gayle and Richard Hightower

The Hildebrand Foundation

Elizabeth Hildebrand

Jamie and Bobby Hillin, Jr.

Mary Hobbs

Callie and David Holland

Penny and John Hollyfield

Kevin Holmes

Michael Hopkins

Carrie Horne

Laurie Horner

Frieda Hornsby

Emily Horton

Lou and Mark Houser

Houston Endowment Inc.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Beth and Richard Houston

Hilary Howard

Elizabeth Howley

Eleanor Hughes

Julia and David Humphreys

Kristie and Gary Husmann

Jane Hyland

InduMar Products, Inc.

Jack H. and William M. Light Charitable Trust

The Jack Hawkins Fund

Shawna and David Jackson

Jessica Jacobe

James W. Woodruff Charitable Fund

Janice and Barrett Green

Lori and Amir Jazaeri

Tana Jefferson

Charic and Lionel Jellins

David Jenkins

Jennings Dincans Charitable Foundation

Ann and J. Jobe

John & Audrey Jackson Charitable Gift Fund

John And Lisa Walker Family Fund

The John and Renee Hawkins Family Fund

Amanda Johnson

Kerri Johnson

Kristen and Andrew Johnston

Christopher Jolivette

Jonathan and Sol Edwards Family Fund

LaMona Jones

George Kaleh

Karen Arnold Charitable Fund

Katherine and Robert Frazier Fund

Kathy and Harry Phillips Fund

Nicole Katz

Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors Foundation

Jessica Kemp

Brittany and Yarmon Kennedy

Becky and Steve Kerns

Denise Khan

Kimball and David Moriniere Family

Duane King

Cynthia and Bill Kinney III

Kirkland & Ellis

Kirksey Architecture

Debbie and Robert Knapp

Holly and Clay Krhovjak

Dionne Kubin

Sally Kurtin

Allyson Lambert

Laura and Matthew Baird Family Fund

Laura and William M. Wheless IV Fund

Alex Lawson

Theresa and Hien Thanh Thao Le

Leder Family Fund

Lucy Lee

Carly and Jon Lee

Sarah and Bryant Lee

William Leigh

Verdi Lethermon

Renee Lewis

Kristy Liedtke

Michele Lipscomb

Stephen Lipscomb

Lisa and George Francisco Charitable Fund

Nancy and John Lisenby

Sarah and Stephen Loftin

Anne B. Loo

Haley Lowry

The Lumpkins Family Fund

Kristi and David Lumpkins

Presley and Paul Lumpkins

Lunch Club Outreach Ministries

Jacqui Mackel

Marcille Magness

Lesley Mann

Margaret and Christopher Maranuk

Marian & Willie Langston Foundation

Linda Mark

Mark and Mary Ann Miller Foundation

DeeDee Marsh

Judith and Charles Martin

Katie Martin

Hope Massey

Matthews, Lawson, McCutcheon & Joseph, PLLC

Charles Maurice

Lucy and Ralph McBride

Sheena McCarthy

Tina and Patrick J. McClellan

Kim and Matthew McClellan

McClellan Family Fund

Susan and John Rick McConn

Devin and Ryan McCord, Jr.

McCord Development, Inc.

Ann McCulloch

Lauren McCulloch

Martha McDade

Holly H. McDonald

Julie and Brooks McGee

Carrie and Timothy T. McInturf

Jessica McKelvey

Suzanne and Tim McKenzie

Anne McKinney

Barbara and John McMahon

Patty and Ferguson McNiel

Sarah and Jeff McParland

Tanya and William Mearse

Medrano Family Foundation

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Jane and Len Menefee

Shirley and John Meredith

Jillian Mertz

Kaylen Meserve

Mark Mey

The Meyer Foundation

Kathryn and Dan Meyer

Daniel Meyer

Meyers Charitable Fund

Midway Foundation

Julie and David Miller

Wendy Millhouse

Tammy and John Mills

Allison and Michael Mitschke

Susanna and Palmer Moldawer

Karen and Toby Mongan

Marilyn Monroe

Denise Monteleone

Daniel Moore

Carole Morgan

Leslie and David Morgan

The Morris Family Legacy Fund

Rebecca Morris

Louise and Gary Moss

Jeannette Muecke

Vicki Mueller

David Murphy

Tom Murphy

Cari and Fred Murray

Adrienne Murray

National Charity League – Bayou City Juniors

National Christian Foundation

National Charity League – Memorial Chapter

National Black McDonalds Operators Association

National Christian Foundation Houston

Barbara Nau

Betsy and Hunter Nelson

Vaughan Nelson

Network for Good

Lindy and Larry Neuhaus

Leslie and Randy Newcomer

Katherine and John Caleb Newport

The Ney Foundation

Van and Steve Neyland

Roy Nichol

Shelby and Eric Nielsen

Ginny and Ron Nixon

Glennis and Jimmy Nokes

Marlene and Kurt Nondorf

Laurie and Steven Noteboom

Eloise and Andrew Novotny

Mary O’Black

O’Donnell/Snider Construction

Michelle Ogden

Sara and Bret Oliver

David M. Oliver

Amanda Ollison

Kyle Olsen

On Track Ministries

Opportune LLP

Charlotte and Robert C. Orr

Tennie and David Ott

Taylor Overbey

Susie and Robert M. Overbey

Martha and Richard Owen

Patti and Tom Owens

The P and P Lumpkins Family Fund

Phil and Linda Pace Family Fund

Linda and Phillip Pace

Patricia Paget

Virginia Palmer

Vicki and Keith Palmer

Carolyn Panebianco

Maria and Christopher Pappas

Austin Parker

Thomas Parker

Kim and John Patchell

Erin Patchell

Adana and Leonard Paton

Erin and Adrian Patterson

Christopher P. Pearce

Charles Penland

Oscar Peraza

Katharine and Mosby Perrow

Dawn Persia

Jessica Peters

Caroline and Jason Peters

Mary and Larry Peterson

Katherine and Bill Phelps

Jeffrey S. Phelps

Mary and Robert Pickering

Kimberly Pinckney

Leslie and Chris Pine

Liz and Gregory Pipkin

Laura and Richard Pipkin

Carl Plager

PNC Foundation

Jane and Keith Poe

Carol and James Prince

Shanette Prince

Courtney and Drew Prochaska

Ruth and Emil Pulido

Richard Punches


Quantum Energy Partners

Anne and David Rae

Patricia and Alvin Ralston

Ranger Energy Services, LLC

Peggy and John Rathmell

Reagan & James P. Bailey, Jr. Family Fund

Ann and William E. Reed

Shelley Reeves

Amy Reeves

The Reg and Beth Brockwell Fund

Region 4 Education Service Center

Miriam and Tim Relyea

Eugenia and Richard Renaudin

Resolution Companies

Kelly E. Reynolds

Rice Family Fund

Katharine and Richard Rider

Robert & Lynn Murphy Foundation

Lillie Robertson

Brooke and Corby Robertson

Katie and Richard Robuck

Patricia Rocha

Rochelle S. and R. Seth Bullock Fund

Tonja and Joel Rodriguez

Regina Rogers

Justin Rose

Nancy and Bryan Ruez

Mark Russell

The Rusty Dog Fund

Ruth and Ted Bauer Family Foundation

Sarah Sampson

Samuel R. Dodson, III Fund

Peggy Samuels

Lisa Lott and Bo Sanford

Gina and Saib Saour

Kevin Saxe

Matt Schatzman

Pattie and Karl Schmidt

Becca and Scott Schwinger

Gloria Scott

Susan Scotty

The Scurlock Foundation

Debra and Kyle Sears

Second Baptist Church

Gabrielle and Bob Seekely

David Seeley

Kathy and Edmund Segner

Mary Ann Seifert

Joseph Shahda

Angelina and Brooks Shanklin

Cecille and George Shannon

Jackie Sheahan

Jill and Josh Sherman

Motti Shulman

Abigail Shulman

Nancy Simpson

Donna Sims

Lincoln Singleton

SK Foundation

Constance Skelton

Clinton Skipper

Marlena Smith

Lesley K. Smith

Anita and Gerald Smith

Lynn and Mike Smith

Snoots Family Charitable Fund

Aimee and Wynne Snoots

Silvia Soto

Susan and Gary Sowyrda

Jonathan Sowyrda

William Speicher

Spindletop Charities, Inc.

Lorin and Phil Spotts

Zach Springer

Nicola Springer

St. Francis Episcopal Church

St. John the Divine Episcopal Church

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church

Marilyn and Robert B. Stanbery

Barbara Steen

Mary Steen

Rebecca Steinbach

The Stewart Foundation

Brennan Stewart

Christina Stith

Silvia Stix

Jessica and Stephen Strake

Shelby Stratmann

Rita Stringer

Nealy Stuckey

Laura and Thomas Suffield

Melissa Sugulas

Melissa Suman

Mary Margaret Surdo


The Sutton Foundation

Elizabeth Swain

Sandy and Bill Swenson

Alicen Swift

T Ragan Ryan Foundation Inc

Katherine Taggart

Amy M. Tanner

Lynda and David Tauber

Armon Paul Taylor

John Taylor

Estelle Tees


Tadd Tellepsen

Samantha Tennon

Texas Capital Bank

Lisa and Brad Thielemann

Bette Thomas

Mary and Stacey Thomas

Anne and Clark Thompson

Pam and Paul Thompson

Glenn Thompson

Todd Kratz Charitable Fund

Leigh Tomforde

Torrent Energy Services

Total Gas & Power North America

Virginia and Clayton Trier

Tsuru Family Fund

Katie and Seth Tsuru

Stephanie and Frank Tsuru

Alyssa Turner

Kim and Jeffrey Van Gundy

Jennifer and Wil Van Loh

Edith and Henry Van Wageningen

Hallie Vanderhider

Vanderkam Family Limited Partnership

Cheryl Varghese

Leslie and Mathew Verghese

Jade Villalon

Vinson & Elkins LLP

Virginia & L.E. Simmons Foundation

Christie and George Vlahakos

The W.T. & Louise J. Moran Foundation

Marion and Neal Wade, III

Lisa and John Walker

Allison and Chris Wallace

Carol Wallace

Connie and John Wallace

Tonja and Charlie Ward

The Wareing Family Fund

Elizabeth and Peter Wareing

Lisa and Chris Weber

Jenny and Blake Webster

Kristin Weed

Daniel Weingeist

Wells Fargo & Company

The West Endowment

Claire and Michael Westmoreland

The Wheeless Family Fund

Kristen Wheeless

Laura and William Wheless

Karen White

Gina Whitfield

Gary Whittle

Elle Wiens

Penny K. Wiggins

Carolyn Wiley

Elizabeth and Adam Wilhite

Denise Wilhite

Stacy and John Wilkirson

Williams Companies, Inc.

Kellye and Fred Williams

Kimberly and Brett Williams

Valerie and T.R. Williams

Anita Williams

Angela Williams

Wilson & Franco

Cora Lynn and Bill Wilson

Suzie and Larry Wilson

The Windham Foundation

Betsy and James Winn

Mary Winn

Karen Wiseman

Carrie and Ron Woliver

Alden and Jack Womack

Michelle Woo

Carol Wood

Shana and Jeff Wood

Mary Gail Woodman

Rudolph Wrabel

Lauren Wuertz

XS Consulting

YNasha Young

YourCause, LLC

Evelyn and Fred Zierten

Jill and Bruce Zivley

Barbara and Robert Zorich

Tricia and Jim Zucker

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