Yellowstone. Forever.

Recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and building a brighter future at Yellowstone Schools.

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented national education crisis that will have implications for an entire generation of students.

The COVID-19 pandemic is making a devastating impact on education. Thousands of Houston students have “gone missing” from school over the course of online learning and will require significant resources to re-engage. Experts predict that it could take up to four years to recover, especially in at-risk populations.

In recognition of this crisis, Yellowstone’s Board of Directors and school leadership team began a strategic planning process in September to address the impact of the pandemic on our school program. This process has culminated in a comprehensive strategic plan to define Yellowstone’s priorities over the next several years and prepare for our COVID-19 recovery.

To fund this strategic plan, the board has approved a $30 million comprehensive campaign. Click here to read more about the campaign »

Strategic Priorities

Focus on Educational Excellence

We will create an exceptional educational experience for every student in every grade level we serve.

Recover from COVID-19

We will address the academic, spiritual, and social-emotional needs that our students face after two years of disruption caused by the pandemic.

Develop Our Unique

PreK–12 Program

We will create a model that provides a distinct whole-child approach and continuum of care for our students.

Build a Comprehensive Campus

We will expand and renovate our facilities and outdoor spaces to accommodate our growth and ensure our students will thrive.

Focus on Educational Excellence

Rooted in our Christian faith since our founding, Yellowstone has been committed to providing an excellent education.

We believe all students are born with purpose and destined for success, and we are committed to building an exceptional educational experience for every student in every grade we serve.

Our alumni are proof that our model is working »

Students Working with Scales

Unfortunately, students in the communities we serve:

Do not have access to excellent educational opportunities.

For generations, families have not had access to schools that prepare them for future success.

Suffer from the “soft bigotry of low expectations.”

Students have not had the opportunity to be held to a higher standard and understand the capacity they possess to dream big and pursue their goals. 

Have limited opportunities for “whole child” experiences.

Students have not had access to experiences that promote spiritual growth and social-emotional learning, and expose them to career and college programming.

Recover from the Devastating Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic

At Yellowstone, our data suggests we have succeeded in 2020-21 in keeping our students from regressing but made no forward progress in improving academic benchmarks during the pandemic. Since many of our students enroll at Yellowstone two years behind, a large percentage of our students are now at least three years behind grade level. This translates to some of our middle school students still performing at an elementary school level.

For the 2021-2022 school year, our campus leadership is putting together a comprehensive plan to ensure our students receive the supports they need to recover from this academic slide:

  • We will keep our classes small and hire additional staff who are expert academic interventionists. This will include a new director of student achievement and three instructional coaches who will leverage student data to provide targeted, individualized support.
  • We will extend the time in our school day, lengthen our school year, increase dedicated math and reading instruction time, and add an intervention class period for all middle school students.
  • Through a partnership with the University of Houston, we will provide nearly a dozen highly trained tutors to work with our students in small group instruction and one-on-one.

Develop Our Unique PreK-12 Program

We believe strongly in the opportunities our model creates for students and families. The events of the last two years have hindered our ability to offer an exceptional high school experience, and we have made the difficult decision to pause our high school growth for the 2021-22 school year. Yellowstone College Prep will prioritize its focus on 6th-8th grade and will not be offering a high school program.

We remain committed to our long-term goal to offer an exceptional PreK-12 experience on one campus. Over the next several years, we will continue to build a unified experience across our campus that ensures our students are prepared to thrive in college and career.

Build a Comprehensive Campus

Over the next several years, we expect our enrollment to nearly double as we grow to serve students through 12th grade. To accommodate this expanded student body, however, we must expand and improve our facilities.

We began renovations on our existing building in February 2021, and we expect to break ground on new construction in Fall 2021.

The first phase of our plan calls for facilities improvements that will create space to incorporate Yellowstone’s expansion, upgrade classroom and program space for students, and lay the groundwork for subsequent phases. Specifically, we plan to:

  • Construct a new two-story, 51,000 square-foot building connected to our current building that will feature:
  • A new “student commons” for cafeteria, chapel, and other events
  • Enhanced fine arts and elective spaces
  • New library spaces for both our upper and lower schools
  • Additional classrooms, science labs, and computer labs for upper-level coursework
  • Renovate areas in our current building for early childhood programming
  • Reconfigure outdoor spaces on campus to provide better recreational, educational, and developmentally appropriate opportunities. 
  • Acquire adjacent property to provide space for future phases of expansion, parking, and potential field space.

We look forward to opening the doors of our completed campus in 2023. Yellowstone will welcome students to this brand new campus and prepare thousands of students for future success.

Yellowstone. Forever.


The board of directors has approved a $30 million campaign to fund Yellowstone’s growth.

This comprehensive campaign is driven by our mission to advance our students, strengthen academic outcomes, plan for fiscal stability, and activate faith throughout the community. In launching this campaign, Yellowstone will create a purpose-built campus with updated and expanded facilities to provide high-quality education and support programs to a projected 750 economically disadvantaged students annually in PreK-12.

Our campaign goals are as follows:

  • Fund a Post-COVID School Model: Yellowstone’s academic, social-emotional, and spiritual programming must be even more intentional and personalized as we emerge from this pandemic, which will require an increase in operational costs for additional staff and resources to help our students catch up and ultimately excel
  • Renovate our Current Building: Built in 1926, our facility needs critical upgrades to its fire/security systems, restrooms, underground plumbing, cafeteria, clinic, and common areas
  • Construct a New Building: Our 51,000 sq ft building will have a new cafeteria, classrooms, science labs, library, common areas, and administrative spaces so that we can almost double our student population and grow to serve students through high school
  • Acquire Land/Improve Outdoor Space: We will create age-appropriate spaces to better serve our PreK-12 population, including basketball courts, playgrounds, an outdoor classroom, and funding for additional land acquisition for future fields, buildings, and parking
  • Provide Financial Sustainability: As we grow, we must build annual operating support, establish maintenance funds, and create reserves for our expansion
Campaign Budget

Existing Building Renovations


New Building Construction


Road Closure/Abatement, Outdoor

Improvements, and Future Land Acquisition


Academic Response to COVID-19


Repair/Maintenance Fund and Working

Capital for Budget Growth




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 Yellowstone Schools educate nearly 500 majority Black children. Located in Houston’s historic Third Ward, Yellowstone is committed to partnering with students and families, regardless of financial means, to provide an excellent education, to develop faith and character, and to prepare scholars for life beyond high school. At Yellowstone, we inspire, empower, and invest in students to achieve their highest potential and fulfill their intended purpose.

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