Join us for a Party in the Park!

April 8, 2021 at 7 p.m. | McGovern Centennial Gardens

Each year Yellowstone Schools throws one amazing outdoor event, and this year’s Party in the Park will be better than ever as we continue to provide a high-quality, low-to-no-cost education to children in Houston’s Greater Third Ward.

Party in the Park Hosts

Venus & Darron Anderson

Brena Baumann-Gonzalez

& Carlos A. Gonzalez

Katy & Logan Boatman

Mary Anne & Cedric Burgher

Jiles & Janice Character

Janet & Brad Childers

Tori Moore-Cofield

& Dr. DZ Cofield

Anne & Les Csorba

Kimberly & David Dominy

Phillip & Karey Dye

Sally & Mike Finn

Lori & Bryan Fisher

Sherrill & Kevin Garland

Julia & David Humphreys

Charic & Lionel Jellins

Duane King

Kristi & David Lumpkins

Jennifer & Mark McCollum

Devin & Ryan McCord

Lauren & Trey McDonald

Linda & Phil Pace

John Peavy

Anne & Clark Thompson

Stephanie & Frank Tsuru

Elizabeth & Peter Wareing

Valerie & T.R. Williams

Tricia & Jim Zucker


Contact Brooke Pollock, Director of Special Events, at 713.741.8000 or via email at

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